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Common phrases from our clients:
"I need a script to do this.... can it be done?"
"Here's what I usually do.... how can you make this easier?"
"I have a script that I need modified.... can you do this?"
"Can you convert my site to PHP/MySQL?"

The answer is yes and our prices for custom PHP/MySQL scripts are more affordable than you may think.
Contact us today with your requirements.

Why choose PHPmill?
We have the resources to get your project complete on time and to your specifications. We will be around to answer any questions regarding the use of your new scripts and can perform any necessary maintenance or upgrades to your custom scripts should your needs change. We have the experience. We know what works in a production environment and what doesn't. We use the latest tools available to make sure your software performs optimally. We are proud of the code we write and stand behind it 100%.

We work to make your life simpler.
The PHP scripts we develop are always designed with our client in mind. If you're going to pay the price for custom scripts, they should outperform any prepackaged suite and allow you to get work done quicker and with greater ease. Whether you have a simple request such as get reCAPTCHA working on my website or something requiring a total custom solution, we can help.

What about internet marketing?
Front end website solutions must behave well for the search engines as well as for your website visitors. Our PHP developers are also experienced internet marketers. We deal with SEO and security issues continuously as we write your custom scripts.

Will you install/customize packaged software?
Absolutely! We commonly work on installation/customization of these and many other popular PHP software products: osCommerce, PHPBB, vBulletin, WSNlinks, and others.

What about ASP, CGI, CFM, etc...
We use PHP ONLY because of it's versitility and because it is the best open-source internet programming language available. We refuse every request we get to work with other programming languages. We are strictly PHP developers because PHP does the job better! PHP outperforms other popular programming languages and includes the additional advantages
  • Server compability and stability: It's easy to find a web host for your PHP scripts and easy to configure the scripts to work on the host.
  • Large online codebase of PHP classes, faqs, and help
  • PHP can be used on both Windows and Unix servers. That can't be said for ASP.
  • PHP is in widespread use, making it easy to find a web designer that can work with your PHP website.
  • Together with MySQL, PHP makes the ultimate combination for database-driven websites.

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